Collina è un eccellente base di partenza per tantissime passeggiate, scalate, escursioni e per praticare sport a contatto con la natura

monte coglians

320° panorama florits



The haigest mountain in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The goup of mountais of which it is a part, extends from Passo Volaia, with the "Cima Lastrons del Lago", to "Passo Cacciatori", which diviers it from the "Creta da Cjanevate". The panoramic view from it's peak, is amongst the most vast and grandest of the "Alpi Orientali" (eastern alps). Towards the south on the clearest of day, you can view the entire Friulan plains up to the adriatic see. In all the direction forms the sequence of mountains, chain of crest, peaks and ice brecks: From "Raut" whit "Pramaggiore", "the Duranno", "the Monfalconi" and the "Cridola" up towards the "Dolomiti Cadorine" the "Sorapass", the "Antelao", the "Pelmo" and "Civetta". Further along you have the "Pale di San Martino", "Cima d'Asta", "Marmolada", "Le Tofane", "Cristallo".

Excursion on foot from Collina

  • To Rifugio Lambertenghi (sent. 144, hours 1.30);
  • To Rifugio Marinelli (sent. 143, hours 2) (tourisitc itinary);
  • To Rifugio Marinelli via Sentiero Spinotti or via the unsealed road to Ed. Pichl Hutte passing by way of Rifugio lambertenghi (sent. 144);
  • Climb to Mt. Volaia 2470 m (sent. 176, hours 3.30 ) (excursion itinary);
  • Climb to Mt. Floriz 2184 m (sent. 143 and 174, hors 2.30),
  • Climb to Mt. Coglains by way of Via Normale passing by way of the Rifugio Marinelli. (sent. 143, hours 3.30).
    Monte Coglians mt 2780
    Rifugio Marinelli mt 2120
    Rifugio Lambertenghi mt 1970
    Rifugio Tolazzi mt 1500
     alpine skiing

    For those who prefer exersions with skiis on foot, ou may refer to the alpinist section of Forni Avoltri for all the information, sirections and advice on various excursions having regard to the perils assiciated with the sport for the inexperienced.

    Excursions from Collina by ski:

    • At Rifugio Lambertenghi (sent. 144, hours 3.00 - 4.00 itinary for the experienced);
    • At Rifugio Marinelli (sent. 143, hours 4.00 itinary for the experienced);
    • At Mt. Coglians (sent. 143, hours 6.00-7.00 itinary for the experienced).
    The rock formations which comprise the mountains of Carnia are amongst the most ancient in Italy. Only in Carnia and Sardegna can you find in existence the whole stratigraphic series of the paleozoico rock. For fossil enthusiasts, the mountains of Collina present a field of reconstruction of the geological era.

    Forni Avoltri is the Biathlon capital of Friuli in which is located the National Centre of Biathlon , a permanent structure thanks to its artificial manufacturing of snow, the second of it’s kind in Italy deicated to the sport. Inaugurated in 1997 by the world junior chamnpionshop, it is host to international competitions each year. The centre also provides for cross country skiing with circuits of 5km, 7km and 10km. A homegrown champion of Forni Avoltri is Renč Cattarinussi, world junior champion of the 15km team event and dual bronze winner of the 15km individual and team events


    mountain bike
    Collina offers many opportunities for excusions by mountain bike ranging from the more difficult tracks for experienced cyclist to easy hour long peddalling for the occasional rider. The most difficult but most popular route taken by many is that which leads to Marinelli. This is achieved by taking the unsealed road and usually opting for a break at eh "Malga Moraretto" where you can sample the delicious specialty foods of the locality. Also of interest and beauty are the tracks which lead you to Givigliana and the "malga Plumbs".
    herbs and floral attractions in carnia:
    Carnia hosts approximately 2000 catelogued species of flowers and herbs. Flowering commences in May and reaches its peak splendour in June. You can admire a rich and varied display of orchids in the area.
    the great war museum:

    Located in Timau, the Great war Museum houses hundreds of exhibits, photographs and unedited documentation concerning the Great War, from which can be traced, Carnia’s experience of the war. Guided tours across the trenches remind you of the reality and closeness of the war and which conclude at the actual Austrian border towards the museum of Kotscach Mauthen, in Carinzia, (Ausrtia)

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